Nail Care

Manicure 70K

Manicure polish by O.P.I 120K

Manicure nail art by O.P.I 150K

Pedicure 100K

Pedicure polish by O.P.I 150K

Pedicure nail art by O.P.I 140K

Including a scrub, green tea mask, file, shape, cuticle work.


For Him

Sport Manicure – 60K | Sport Pedicure – 80K

Including basic cleansing, file, shape, light cuticle work, no polish.


For Kids

Happy Feet Mani/Pedi – 50K
A splurge for the little ones (12 and under) including application of polish

Happy Feet Nail Art – 70K

Happy Feet Manicure / Pedicure Nail Art – 90K